Free bulk re-scrape tool. Force a full refresh of Open Graph data for URLs share on Facebook!

When you post/share a URL on Facebook, it automatically scrapes the site to determine what picture or video, page title and page description to show. It does this by looking at the Open Graph (OG meta tag) data on the site and then caches that information for further use. However, if you change information on the site such as images, titles and descriptions, this will not be reflected when you post the URL on Facebook, as they will use the old, incorrect cached information.

If you have a new website, the chances are that Facebook hasn't crawled it yet. So when a URL from your new site is shared no image will show as there's no Open Graph data stored by them.

You could use the Facebook Debugger Tool where you insert one URL at a time to be scraped and the cache is cleared. If you have several URLs to re-scrape this will create a time-consuming and frustrating task.

Using our bulk re-scraper tool fixes this problem. You can enter up to 500 URLs at once and Facebook will scrape or re-scrape all of them at once. A quick process to implement and complete, this bulk re-scrape tool is ideal for busy webmasters.

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